Techaxon Smart Car

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Have Your Vehicle Under Control!

Smart Car It's not only the latest hud, but it's also a smart on-board computer which shows you all faulty codes your car might have. The sensors will alert you as soon as they detect any fails in your vehicle.

The dual working systems work on all vehicles including Diesel, Gasoline, Hybrid, Trucks, and more! OBD will inform you about all the needed information about your vehicle, while GPS will lead you to any destination you choose, show you the travel time, single mileage, and much more!

Your car's OBD2 protocol is not open? That's not a problem! You can still use the GPS system which is compatible with ALL cars and have many features which are listed below; 


Special Feature: The only OBD hud with oil temperature on the world

Know your car - Just a fast look on your dashboard or the windshield and you will know most of the important things about your vehicle and any fails a car may have!

Supercar display - Our design is following the newest trends and will give your car a fresh and aggressive look from the inside while giving you a feeling as you would be driving a supercar. This device has built-in 9 kinds of interface, just click on the "OK" button to choose your favorite interface!

All the information you need - OBD mode will provide you with: vehicle speed, water temperature, voltage, fuel consumption, RPM, single mileage, total cumulative mileage, travel time, system time, intake pressure, oil temperature, air-fuel ratio, turbo pressure, intake pressure, acceleration test, brake test, read data stream, Overspeed alarm, speed alarm, high water temperature alarm, low voltage alarm, engine fault alarm, and clear fault code. You will be able to switch between kilometers and miles, KM/h & MPH and °C & ℉. Can't connect to OBD? You can still use the GPS mode which shows you: speed, travel time, satellite time, altitude, number of satellites, driving direction, single mileage, voltage, and allows an acceleration test and a brake test. This mode contains also an Overspeed alarm and low voltage alarm. You can also switch between kilometers and miles.


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Wire or Wireless: Wired
Rated Power: 11V~18Vdc(12Vdc/200mA)
OBD System Features: RPM, Fuel Consumption, Voltage, Water Temperature, total Mileage,
Dual systems: Suitable for all cars
2020 newest: OBD2 +GPS dual systems
Display Mode: Car Speed Projector On-Board Computer
Display page: 9 kinds of different display pages
Display channel: HD LCD Display
Work voltage: 11V~18Vdc(12Vdc/200mA)
Speed Unit: KMH, KPM
Oil temperature: Oil temperature gauge



1. If set speed unit to KM/H, the water temperature unit will automatically be, the driving distance unit will automatically be KM, fuel consumption unit will automatically be L/100 KM. If set speed unit to MPH, the water temperature unit will automatically be , the driving distance unit will automatically be Mile, fuel consumption unit will automatically be MPG.

2. The default display is in OBD2+GPS dual-mode at the same time, but if the car doesn't have OBD2 protocol or the OBD2 protocol is incompatible, then go to "set" and turn off the OBD, it will switch to GPS working mode.


OBD2 working mode is not compatible with the following vehicles:

1. Almost 98% cars before the year 2004 ( the year 2004 included)
2. Some Old Oil and electricity mixing, diesel-powered car, Pick up, SUV, ORV, Mini Bus...
3. Few Special Cars

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