Techaxon Typester

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The Techaxon Keyboard That Never Leaves Your Sight

Typester creates the ultimate navigational experience for all your devices! Using the mini keyboard and touchpad you can control your electronic devices just as easily as a PC!

Functional as a desktop setup and small a joystick, Typester is perfect for travelers who wish to experience home typing convenience from anywhere in the world.

A Bluetooth connection is all you need to take hold of your portable keyboard and mousepad and increase your ease when working, gaming or simply killing time!


Like your home setup - Enjoy using every key and feature the full-sized keyboard offers in a portable format you can take on anywhere!

Control in a touch - Discover the navigating ease Typester creates your phones and tablet. A complete setup fitting in your back pocket!

Palm-sized convenience - Small as a joystick, Typester is a must-have for travelers! Take it with you to never lose your typing comfort!

Typester is the ultimate choice - The power to navigate freely through your electronic devices is made easy with Typester, the keyboard that never leaves your sight!


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